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Belgian trio Brutus return with third studio album 'Unison Life'

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Blood Command

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Current artists

Blood Command

For 10 years and running BLOOD COMMAND have given a voice to outcasts worldwide through their mixture of knife-sharp rock and kamikaze pop hooks. Now with new singer (and ex-pagan front-woman) Nikki Brumen.

Blue Stragglers

The most recent signing to Hassle Records. Fuzzed up, hook laden, heavy grooves & pop-catchy melodies.


The Belgian trio’s return with third studio album 'Unison Life'


Casey are a five-piece melodic hardcore band from South Wales. Casey have no grand design, music is a labour of love.

Cuffed Up

Cuffed Up was formed through a chance encounter at a party where Sapphire Jewell and Ralph Torrefranca first met, connecting about their love for the UK punk scene with bands like IDLES and Shame.


GLOO are excited to share their new video ‘Force You’ and announce their signing to Hassle Records, reissuing their critically acclaimed album ‘A PATHETIC YOUTH’. The album will be available physically for the first time on a limited run of opaque red vinyl & CD on November 29th 2019.


Formed out of a mutual love of metallic hardcore but despair at its lack of ambition, Ithaca draw influence from everything from Southern doom to 90's math rock.

Letters Sent Home

Having now signed with established London-based independent label Hassle Records, Letters Sent Home look set to establish themselves as one of the most promising acts in the post-hardcore scene.


Madmess are a stoner rock trio from London and Porto. 

Petrol Girls

Ever-bracing musically and lyrically, post-hardcore punks Petrol Girls release their new album ‘Baby’ on June 24th 2022.


For a band who’ve only existed for three years, Phoxjaw have made an enormous impact on the rock and metal scene.

Press Club

Aussie outfit Press Club continue to build following the release of 'Late Teens' and 'Wasted Energy'.


Hailing from Norway, the four-piece Slomosa has been making waves across borders. With their heavy sound the band coined their own genre - Tundra Rock - inspired by the American Desert scenes of the '90s.


Stake, previously incarnated as ‘Steak Number 8’, are a Belgian foursome gearing up for the release of their first album following the success of their first single, ‘Catatonic’.

The Joy Formidable

A long, illustrious career precedes The Joy Formidable but they continue to deliver their unique brand of stadium-sized indie rock.

The Used

Nearly twenty years ago, The Used was brought to life and have since released a collection of albums that shaped the space of the alternative rock scene. As of December 2019, Hassle Records are honoured to continue releasing the band's music.


We’ve partnered up with our friends at Get Better Records to offer a limited number of the upcoming new album from VIAL available via our webstore with local shipping.


A Skylit Drive, Alexisonfire, Alkaline Trio, August Burns Red, Balance & Composure, Black Lung, Cancer Bats, Canterbury, Death Spells, DZ Deathrays, Elegies, Fireworks, Four Year Strong, Frank Iero, Juliette & The Licks, Lonely The Brave, Max Raptor, Paceshifters, Pagan, Rolo Tomassi, Senses Fail, Spinnerette, Swedish Death Candy, The Get Up Kids, The Homeless Gospel Choir, Thursday, Trash Talk, Tubelord, We Are The Ocean.


Hassle Records is a fully independent record label based in London, UK.

Hassle records was formed in 2005 and is the sister label of Full Time Hobby. Though our sound is more based around heavy guitar music, both labels share the same ethos.

Based on a principle of not simply following musical trends, Hassle represents those artists we, the team at the label, love. We own our own business and answer to no one except the bands. We are not driven by quarterly numbers or making an artist ‘more-Spotify-friendly’. Instead, we’re guided by passion. For the music. For the approach. For the people.

To date we’ve been honoured to work with a lot of talented acts and continue to be excited by bands that play heavy guitar music in whatever form that takes.

A note on our our environmental impact:

Like a lot of people, we at Hassle are terrified about the impending catastrophes caused by the Climate & Ecological Emergency. We’re just music fans releasing albums by bands we love, though - what can we do about it? 

It is clear that widespread change must come from our governments and the fossil fuel companies, but we don’t want to sit on our hands and wait for that to happen. We are trying to change how we operate bit by bit. We know we’ll get it wrong sometimes and we’d appreciate any feedback about how we can do this better, or ideas we’ve missed. The music industry is no different from any other industry in that it is going to have to change a lot over the next decade if we’re going to stick around and give our children and grandchildren a fighting chance. We also recognise that those who are hit first and hardest are those already struggling with poverty, in countries such as Bangladesh and those countries that fall within the Sahel region of Africa. 

This is not a marketing campaign, by the way. We’d rather just get on and do these things and not make a big deal about it as we’re sick to death of companies greenwashing. However, we hope that by making our thoughts and our actions public, other labels, artists or music fans will be encouraged to make changes in the way they behave. We are not perfect but we would rather give it a go than sit and moan.

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