Swedish Death Candy

Are You Nervous?

Released 27/9


Press Club

Wasted Energy

Released 16/8

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Building on the eclectic yet electric sound they’ve toured the world with, the Belgian trio’s sophomore album, ‘NEST’, is out now.


Unforgiving in their cathartic approach to performance and in their ability to cross genre boundaries, Casey will continue to captivate audiences way beyond their last European tour.


GLOO are excited to share their new video ‘Force You’ and announce their signing to Hassle Records, reissuing their critically acclaimed album ‘A PATHETIC YOUTH’. The album will be available physically for the first time on a limited run of opaque red vinyl & CD on November 29th 2019.

Lonely The Brave

The 5-piece from Cambridge are gearing up for their third full-length release with Hassle.

Max Raptor

Since 2009, Max Raptor have brought their special combination of socially aware lyricism and accessibility to the punk-rock world. 2016 saw the release of their self-titled sophomore album.


Dutch-based noise-rockers Paceshifters are relatively new to the Hassle family. They continue to build on their growing reputation with touring around the UK and Europe.


Pagan’s debut album ‘Black Wash’ (2018) is out now.

Petrol Girls

Ever-bracing musically and lyrically, post-hardcore punks Petrol Girls released their debut album ‘Cut and Stitch’ on May 24th 2019.


For a band who’ve only existed for three years, Phoxjaw have made an enormous impact on the rock and metal scene.

Press Club

Aussie outfit Press Club are transferring the support they have garnered in their homeland to the UK and Europe as they embark on their maiden overseas tour this Autumn. They release their sophomore, 'WASTED ENERGY', this autumn.


Stake, previously incarnated as ‘Steak Number 8’, are a Belgian foursome gearing up for the release of their first album following the success of their first single, ‘Catatonic’.

Swedish Death Candy

Melding psychedelica and fuzzy riffs, London-based Swedish Death Candy release their second album 'Are You Nervous?' on 27th September.

The Joy Formidable

A long, illustrious career precedes The Joy Formidable but they continue to deliver their unique brand of stadium-sized indie rock.

Wess Meets West

Mainly known as purveyors of a defiantly optimistic strain of instrumental rock, the quartet began life as the project of lead guitarist Sam Stauff, and have now grown to incorporate elements of electronica and live programming into their sound.


Hassle Records is a fully independent record label based in London, UK. Home to Brutus, Casey, Lonely The Brave, Max Raptor, Paceshifters, Pagan, Petrol Girls, Phoxjaw, Press Club, Stake, Swedish Death Candy, The Joy Formidable, and Wess Meets West.

Hassle records was formed in 2005 and is the sister label of Full Time Hobby. Though our sound is more based around heavy guitar music, both labels share the same ethos.

Based on a principle of not simply following musical trends, Hassle represents those artists we, the team at the label, love. We own our own business and answer to no one except the bands. We are not driven by quarterly numbers or making an artist ‘more-Spotify-friendly’. Instead, we’re guided by passion. For the music. For the approach. For the people.

To date we’ve been honoured to work with a lot of talented acts and continue to be excited by bands that play heavy guitar music in whatever form that takes.

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